Gmail Login – How to Sign In to Your Email Account

Before you log Into Gmail

Before you log into Gmail, as you can see there are many things to look at on the left hand side. You can check out new features that will show you all the new things Gmail is trying to implement. Also if you click on about Gmail, it’ll show you all the benefits and facts about Gmail. If you do not have an account, all these pages will have a button somewhere that says ‘create an account’. If you would like to know how to log into Gmail on your mobile phone then there is a link on the left hand side for that as well.

Have a Business Account?

On the left hand side towards the bottom, it says ‘Take Gmail to work with Google Apps for Business’. This is a great feature! You can make your business email Gmail without the at the end. So you get all the great features of Gmail while looking like a professional business. Check it out!

How to log into Gmail

If you have a Gmail account go to and type in your username and password to login. Then press Sign In.

If you do not have a Gmail account then click the red button on the upper right hand side to create an account.

Once you type in your information to log into Gmail, you can choose to check the box under the login fields to keep you signed in. For security reasons this isn’t the best if you are not on a private computer. Even if you are on a private computer, what about the people in your household??? If you feel it is not an issue and it’ll be easier for you to be kept logged in, then check the box. This is actually a good feature if it’s a business account and multiple people are using the business computer to have access to the email. This way they don’t have to remember the password every time. Just in case though, you should keep your username and password handy somewhere.

If you type in the wrong information it will make the box red and say the username or password is incorrect. You need to know which one this is since it will not tell you. If you can’t seem to remember your username or password then press the link ‘can’t access your account?’. Once you press the link, it’ll bring you to another series of steps that you will have to complete. Be careful of typing in the wrong information too many times; this may start to cause a problem for you. Google is very much into security!

Need Gmail in another language? Instead of needing to know the correct country code at the end of the URL there is a box at the very right bottom on the right hand side with options for languages. Click the box to choose your language. There are many options to choose from!

Gmail sign up – How to Create Gmail account?

How to Sign Up to Gmail

On the upper right hand side there is a red button that says “Create an Account.” Click on that button.

Then fill out your information.

  • Fill out all your basic information like name, choosing a user name, etc…

  • Did you notice the option to put male, female or other????

  • Its not required to put in a phone number, but you can. You may want to later for retrieving a password and setting up Google Voice.

  • Make sure you fill out the captcha box. You can choose to skip the captcha and do phone verification, but in my opinion captcha is just easier.

  • Also you can choose to put another email address on file. This way you can possibly link accounts later. You can always choose to do this option later as well.

  • Check the box that says you agree the terms of service and make sure you read it! You can choose to keep the second box checked that wants to use the information to personalize your Google plus 1 account that is automatically made for you when you sign up. The content will be used on ads and non Google websites. Uncheck it if you do not agree to this.

  • Then click Next Step.

Sometimes Google will ask for a phone verification in which you will type in your country and phone number and then choose for google to call you or send a text message with a verification code. I have done this before and never had a problem with entering in my phone number. Google has a high security policy!

Why would they ask this? Well maybe you opened up many accounts under the same ip address. I guess if that is the case then you probably wouldn’t come here to read how to open an account. Another reason is if you are in another country trying to setup an account. To get around that you can use a VPN account to change ip address. That is if you REALLY don’t want to go through this phone process.

If they do not ask for verification…

Then it should go straight to asking for a profile picture. You can choose to do this later and press the next button. If you want to upload a photo now, then just press add profile photo instead.

Okay so now you have an account! You can check your email. Gmail will send you a few emails in the beginning suggesting things and explaining things. Try to navigate around to see the different options. You will get a couple of popups asking if you want a tour and such. You can exit out of the box if you don’t want to do this now.

If you need help you can google anything or press the the wheel on the upper right hand corner and it’ll show a drop down of options in which then you would press help. You can also view some of the other articles that will be posted related to Gmail.

How to log into Gmail